Monday, May 19, 2008

Mets Massacre Yankees Despite Horrific Umpiring

The Mets tap danced all over the Yankees in The Bronx last night, 11-2, despite an unbelievably idiotic call by the umps that actually reversed a Carlos Delgado home run that hit the left field foul pole and ultimately cost the Mets two runs. Mike Reilly called it a home run, but the other three idiots in blue made him change his call, despite the fact Reilly had the best angle to it. I've always liked the fact that umps get together to get a call right, but this one actually reversed a right call for a bad one. (Bob Davidson, home plate ump, to his credit, actually admitted his screwup after the game.) But the Mets showed real determination and went out and stomped all over the Evil Empire anyway, and swept the two-game series.

I have never been a fan of instant replay for baseball, but more and more I am starting to believe that having it for calls like home runs around the foul pole and fan interference might actually be the way to go. If more calls like this are blown, you might see it gain some speed.

And once again, unlike football, umpires are NOT held accountable for blown calls they make. There is no system in MLB for weeding out incompetent umpiring (and there is plenty of that in baseball). Being an ump is like being the pope or a Supreme Court justice. You're there until you die or retire. And the game is worse for it.

I had the game on the radio for most of the night, and I really enjoyed hearing Howie Rose on WFAN in the eighth inning say how, "The Mets fans have taken over Yankee Stadium, while the Yankee fans head for the exits."

It brought back many pleasant memories of October 20, 2004. Nothing like watching the Yankees get their heads handed to them on their home turf, and especially by the Mets. Only watching the Red Sox do it to them could be any sweeter.

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