Wednesday, May 07, 2008

He Won't Vote For McCain For What Reason?

I haven't commented on any of those "Letters to the Editor" recently, but I stumbled across one in today's Daily News that really threw me for a loop. Read this one:

El Paso, Tex: So I'm sitting here watching the Mets/D-Backs game on Sunday on WWOR. They interview John McCain, who says he grew up a Red Sox fan. Guess what, McCain? You just lost my vote. (Name withheld, for obvious reasons)

This one really had me shaking my head. This guy won't vote for John McCain because he used to be a Red Sox fan? As in, not any more? (McCain's now a Diamondbacks fan, being from Arizona, and they weren't founded until 1998.) There are plenty of legitimate reasons to vote or not vote for a certain candidate. His or her stand on the war, health care, education, illegal immigration, etc. But once again, I'm hearing from people who won't vote for a certain presidential candidate because of the baseball team they support. I remember a lot of the vitriol sent John Kerry's way in 2004 simply because he was a Red Sox fan. (Or at least said he was. Remember his famous "Manny Ortez" goof on ESPN?)

I couldn't care less what baseball or sports team a candidate says he or she roots for. There are too many important issues out there to make a final decision based on something as frivolous as what baseball team the person pulls for. (Many politicians come off as idiots when it comes to talking about sports teams anyway.) And for this guy, it's the fact the McCain once was a Red Sox fan makes him go over to his opponent.

At first I thought this letter may have just been a joke. But I'd lay down money this guy is serious.

We are truly finished as a nation.


MA said...

I won't vote for John McCain because he says that he thinks women need more education and training to be paid as well as men, in response to a lawsuit that a woman brought when she was doing the EXACT same job as men (and therefore was as educated and trained) but was paid less.

Let's be honest, if I was voting on baseball affiliation, I'd vote Giuliani. Don't even get me started on him :).

I'll see you tonight!

The Omnipotent Q said...

Fair enough reason for not pulling the lever for McCain, Vittoria. I voted for Giuliani three times for mayor of NYC, and I frankly couldn't have cared less he was a huge Yankees fan. I just find it really amazing that some people use sports affiliations to judge politicians.

And the REALLY scary part of it is they allow those same people to reproduce and drive cars.

See you for Trivia tonight.

MA said...

"And the REALLY scary part of it is they allow those same people to reproduce and drive cars."

That is the best thing ever John. I literally laughed out loud.

Michael Leggett said...

Mets-D-Backs on WWOR?

On WHAT planet does this dude live on?

The Omnipotent Q said...

I guess he's stuck in a time warp. Didn't realize the letter said that, as obviously the Mets are on CW11 these days.