Sunday, May 04, 2008

Moss Shelved as Sox Roll Again

The Red Sox bats were definitely out of the doldrums they were in earlier this week, as they blasted James Shields for seven runs in just over three innings, and went on to win, 12-4 at Fenway last night, as Josh Beckett went 8 innings, allowing four runs in getting his third win.

David Ortiz and Dustin Pedroia each had three hits, but the struggles of Mike Lowell and Manny Ramirez continues. Lowell still doesn't have an RBI, and that can be chalked up to that thumb injury he suffered in April. It looks like it's still giving him trouble at the plate, although he looks terrific in the field.

And Manny is still stuck on 496 home runs, and has been there since April 20. He seems to be fouling pitches back he was hammering just a few weeks back.

Brandon Moss wasn't feeling well after Friday night's game, where he hit a long home run to center. Last night, the Red Sox sent him to Massachusetts General Hospital, where an emergency appendectomy was performed. He will be shut down for at least 10 days, and will be placed on the DL. No word as to who will be replacing him on the roster.

An interesting article in today's Boston Globe about fans wanting to leave their loved ones' ashes at Fenway after they leave this world. A funny line from Coco Crisp:
"It's kind of freaky knowing you're diving into somebody's grandpa."

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