Saturday, May 31, 2008

"I'm Moving to Canada!"

No, I'm not the one planning to leave the United States.

It's none other than Susan Sarandon, who making such a "threat" should John McCain get elected president this November. She said this in a recent interview.

Good. Do us all a favor and leave if McCain gets elected.

Yep, yet another goofball, batshit left-wing liberal celebrity who takes themselves and their politics way too seriously, and really thinks we give a damn about how they feel politically, and the fact they don't want to live in this country if their candidate isn't elected. Just like Alec (Ireland, You Thoughtless Fat Pig) Baldwin in 2000 who threatened to leave the US if we elected George W. Bush.

How's life in France these days, Alec?

I wish one of these brainless nitwits would actually make good on such baseless threats.

They wouldn't be missed.

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