Thursday, May 08, 2008

A Small Miracle in Lower Manhattan

I came across a wonderful article recently written in The Ottawa Sun about St. Paul's Chapel, the magnificent little Episcopal church in Lower Manhattan that was just a block east of the World Trade Center. The church miraculously came away nearly without a scratch on September 11, 2001, and became a sanctuary for the rescue workers who worked tirelessly at the site in the aftermath of the disaster. The front of the church was covered with all kinds of tributes from people all over the world offering their sympathies after the terrorist attacks occurred.

You can read the article here.

I have gone to many events at St. Paul's over the last six years, and it is a beautiful little church that was founded in the mid-18th century, and before 9/11, it was best known as the place George Washington went to after taking the first oath of office as president in 1789 in New York. Now, there are all kinds of tributes to the 9/11 victims and that terrible day, with the most poignant being a beautiful special altar with pictures and remembrances of the 9/11 victims (pictured). My friend Joyce's picture is among them. St. Paul's has now become a major tourist spot, and every time I am there, people treat it with a special kind of reverence, which is really heartwarming to see.

St. Paul's is just a beautiful place for people to pray, but also remember. It is truly one of God's miracles. And it is a living testament to the best that man has to offer, in the aftermath of one of the worst days in our nation's history.

My thanks to the web site The Freedom Tower for originally linking the article on their site.

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