Monday, May 05, 2008

My Favorite Python Turns 65

A very Happy Birthday today to Michael Palin, who turns 65. I've had the pleasure of meeting Michael at a number of signings of his books, and he is genuinely a nice man, and my favorite member of Monty Python. His travel shows are always a joy to watch, and I saw his latest, "New Europe" earlier this year (despite the fact the Travel Channel bounced it around their schedule like the Yankees pitching rotation). Hope it's a great day for you Michael.

Thanks for all the laughs. "The Spanish Inquisition" (pictured) will make laugh until the day I die.

Speaking of birthdays, it's also a special anniversary. Red and Denton over at Surviving Grady, one of the best Red Sox fan sites on the Internet, are celebrating their fourth anniversary today. (Cinco De Mayo, a great day to begin!) A short while back, they were kind enough to put up a link for me. Surviving Grady is one of my daily morning stops when I get online, and if you've never been there, it's worth checking out. You can wish them well by going here.

Long may you rock, guys!

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