Monday, May 19, 2008

755: Still the Record, and Hank Says So

Hank Aaron gave the commencement address at Concordia University last Saturday, and spoke to reporters before the speech. And what he said was to say the least interesting.

"I still," Henry Aaron was saying, "consider myself the home-run king."

You're not alone in that assessment, Hammerin' Hank. Millions of us who passionately love baseball feel the same way. That other guy might have a higher number, but you have the real record.

Thanks to Fanhouse for the article, which you can read here.


Michael Leggett said...

For Barroid Bonds was only good since 1999, has no humility and Henry Aaron was aided by Great Wrists and The Lord Above, I heartily concur with Mr Henry Aaron.

Steel36 said...

About The Hammer-He is grace and dignity. Aaron faced
down segregation as a young man and that steeled him.
When chasing the Babe, Hank had a bodyguard and The
FBI was often looking into yahoos who sent many death
threats. I have no idea, nor do i care, what Bond's
number is because 755 trumps it. I was reminded last
summer what a great hitter and man Hank Aaron is.

Barry Bonds is nothing. Just an arrogant child. He
would have have been a Hall of famer without steroids,
but his ego had to have it all.