Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mets Whip The Mop, and the Yankees

The underachieving Mets whacked the even more underachieving Yankees in The Bronx on Saturday afternoon, a 7-4 come-from-behind win for the Boys from Queens. And the Yankee villain was one Kyle (Mop Up Man) Farnsworth, who gave up two home runs in the seventh to Jose Reyes and David Wright to seal the Mets victory before a sold out crowd.

In the immortal words of Robert De Niro in Casino: "I wouldn't give the bum a mop job." Farnsworth continues to prove why he's one of the worst and most overpaid relievers in baseball. (And I bet most Yankee fans wouldn't mind seeing Farnsworth with a real mop in his hands, anywhere but Yankee Stadium.)

The Mets and Yankees were rained out of Friday night's game, but instead of doing the logical thing and playing a doubleheader on Saturday or Sunday, they will play one of those cutesy-pie doubleheaders where one game is played in the Bronx and the other is played later that day in Queens, when both teams meet again at Shea later next month. (So, as Dennis Miller used to say, "I don't want to get off on a rant here, but...")

The bloom is off the rose as far as this so-called "Subway Series" goes. The uniqueness of the two New York teams playing each other every year is long gone, and MLB is milking every last dollar out of it by scheduling six meetings between them every year. And they only do so because they are six guaranteed sellouts. You want to make it special again? Have them meet each other every other year, and just three times, not six. I am not a fan of interleague baseball, as it plays havoc with schedules, and creates a competitive imbalance with who every team plays.

As far as I am concerned, the Yankees are just six games the Mets are playing outside their division, as well as league. They'd be better suited playing six games inside the NL, against teams they might ultimately be fighting for a playoff spot against.

They always talk about the Subway Series being for "New York bragging rights." But honestly, who remembers who won the series between the two teams last year, or the year before?

It wouldn't break my heart to see it disappear. But as one wise philosopher once said, "Money talks, bullshit walks." ("Bullshit walks?" Could they have meant Farnsworth?)

No chance of that happening anytime in the near future.

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