Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Baldwin Reads The Tribe The Riot Act

Here's a funny YouTube clip, courtesy of Tiricosuave.com. You could call it "Glengarry Glen Ross" meets "Major League." The Indians have had their problems with their closers this year, so this clip was made from the two films. It takes the "Coffee is for closers" scene with Alec (I'm Moving to France if George Bush Gets Elected President But I Was Only Kidding as I'm Just Another Airheaded Celebrity Who Thinks the Public Cares About My Political Opinion and I Still Want to Assault Henry Hyde) Baldwin reading the Riot Act to the salesmen, and substituted it with the Indians players from "Major League." (You may notice in some of the "Major League" clips, they are actually backwards, and you can tell by the Indians uniforms.)

Great stuff, but be careful, as there's lots of colorful language in this clip, which lasts over two minutes.

Hey, maybe the Mets can bring in the Baldwin character to get the underachieving Amazin's going.

It was just a thought.


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Michael Leggett said...

I think that Baldwin, who's from Long Island, got his message to The Mets, who took 2/3 from The Marlins