Thursday, June 04, 2009

A New Look Machine

As you can plainly see, The Mighty Quinn Media Machine now has a brand new look.

My friend and fellow Red Sox fan John Brooks suggested to me last week that he could help me out finding a new look to my site. John caught me at just the right time, as I was contemplating making some changes, as it had been over 18 months since I made any major changes.

I met John at Professor Thom's today, and as we watched the Red Sox dispose of the Detroit Tigers, we sat down with John's laptop and made the changes. (John knows far more than I do about computers and web design, so I put it mostly in his capable hands.)

The picture is actually a combination of the New York and Boston skylines, which John ably put together. He also put the words "The Mighty Quinn Media Machine" in the "Bosox style," which looks really cool.

John also put up a new background, with the "I Love New York" logo with the hanging sox substituting for the "love." That might be my favorite part of the new look.

I also now have the links and such on the right hand side, as that seems to be the most popular place to put it on most sites.

John did a really terrific job with all of it, and I am grateful to him that he took such an interest in my site. (I also bought him a beer to say thanks to him.) John also has a cool site you might like to check out: The Daily Hated.

I really like the new look and I hope you do, too.


Steel36 said...

Okay so where do I get that really cool "I Love NY" logo? What a great t-shirt that would be!!

The Omnipotent Q said...

I actually have that logo as a t-shirt, Steel. Got it from a friend of mine about five years ago, and they are impossible to get now.

Michael Leggett said...

Great Nouveau Look! Easy on the Eyes and adds to your Already-Great Content.

The Omnipotent Q said...

Thanks Michael!