Tuesday, June 16, 2009

"Fenway! The Ultimate Fan's Guide"

I recently completed reading "Fenway! The Ultimate Fan's Guide" by Tim Shea, and I would say it's a book I highly recommend any Red Sox fan who enjoys going to America's Most Beloved Ballpark pick up, especially if you're going there for the first time.

In this edition updated for the 2009 season, Tim takes his readers through the park, and breaks down what seems like every nook and cranny in the place. He explains all the renovations that have taken place since Theo and The Trio took over in 2001.

He also has all the information you need to buy tickets to Fenway, especially what to do if you don't have tickets on the day of a game. Tim also gives you the skinny on where to stay if you are visiting Boston for a game, with his recommendations on the best and most affordable places, as well as nearby restaurants.

Tim also had a Red Sox quiz, which me being the Red Sox Trivia Maven, was interested in taking. He actually got me on a couple, ones involving Trot Nixon and Keith Foulke. Nice job, Tim!

But the meat and potatoes of the book is the seating in Fenway Park, and Tim does a superb job breaking down each and every section of the place. He tells you exactly what seats have pole obstructions, and also tells you exactly how far each seat is from the field.

"Fenway! The Ultimate Fan's Guide" is a terrific book for the average Red Sox fan, especially for those who are planning a trip to Fenway. It's an affordable book and well worth having, especially for future reference. It's also available as a downloadable e-Book (at $6.95).

If you'd like more information about the book, please check out these links: http://fenwayguide.blogspot.com/2009/04/fenway-guide-book-now-avialable-as.html

Tim also has a blog for the book as well: http://www.fenwayfanguide.com.

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