Monday, June 15, 2009

Mystery Surrounds Tomorrow Night

Tomorrow night's Trivia Night will include something special in one of the categories. We will be having what I am calling a "mystery category," and it will be the fourth category of the night. I am not at liberty to say what the category is, as it will give away the point of it. I won't say anything about it until we actually reach the category during the night. But hopefully it will go well.

The Q Train is getting the week off, but we will be having the other four regular categories. The special category this week will be "June 16th Trivia." It will be events that occurred on that date in history.

The Sneak Peek question for this week is:
What is the name of the standard calendar currently in use in the United States?

We should get going around the usual time of 9 PM. Remember that next week we will be having a special night of Trivia, "The Best of Trivia Night," in honor of the third anniversary of me hosting Professor Thom's Trivia Night. I'll have more on that tomorrow night. Hope to see many of you then.

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