Monday, October 07, 2013

Coming Soon: NYC Bar Trivia Championship

I don't have too much information on it right now, but The Mad Hatter will be taking part and sending a representative team into the 2013 NYC Bar Trivia Championship.

The Trivia Night that we do on November 5th will determine what team will represent The Mad Hatter at the tournament. There will be 16 teams competing on night not yet determined.

The team that wins the overall tournament will win a custom trophy, championship t-shirts, a full year of bragging rights, and a $200 gift certificate per team member. There will be a limit of six people per team.

I will have more information in the coming weeks. And it will be a special night of Trivia on November 5th to see who will represent The Mad Hatter for the title.

Please do spread the word. More coming soon!

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