Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hope To See You Next Tuesday

Well folks, we didn't have enough teams to have a proper Trivia Night at The Mad Hatter last night, so Trivia was called off. It is really disappointing when nights like last night happen. It has been a constant struggle week in and week out at the new place getting Trivia players in, and for a variety of reasons. I realize for many of you, Trivia is not a weekly thing, and I certainly understand the reasons why. Real life interferes, and other more important things take priority.

I thank all of you who have come out, and have shown your loyalty to me. Believe me, it is NOT taken for granted. I honestly don't know how much longer Trivia Night at The Mad Hatter will continue, especially after we have the Trivia Tournament Night in two weeks. I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart who have made my Trivia Night something special for me over the years. I really hope we can continue at The Mad Hatter, as they have a good staff and have treated me really well. We just have to get more folks to come out. Any ideas are welcome, and you can email me privately at: with any suggestions. Be well everyone, and hope to see you next Tuesday, October 29th, at 8 PM.

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