Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Lost Season

A season that got off to a bad start got even worse last night for the Vikings, as they lost to the winless Giants, 23-7, at the Meadowlands.

I've been busy with the great Red Sox postseason run this October, so I haven't written much about my favorite football team. And it looks like I won't be writing much more positive stuff this year.

The Vikings, now at 1-5 in last place in the NFC North, look like a sinking ship. And bringing in Josh Freeman at QB makes it look like the Vikings are rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

In his defense, it certainly isn't easy learning a new team's offense on the fly like this. But Freeman brought the Vikings no spark. They scored only 7 points against a team that is near the top in points allowed in the NFL this season. And that wasn't even on the offensive side of the ball, as Marcus Shrels brought back a punt 86 yards for a TD in the second quarter.

Freeman was 20-for-53 for 190 yards and an interception. Adrian Peterson was held to just 28 yards but what has been a very porous Giants defense this season.

How bad has this Vikings season been so far. Look at these offensive stats:

Points per game scored: 22.0 (19th in NFL)
Yards per game: 316.0 (25th in NFL)
Passing yards per game: 214.3 (24th in NFL)
Rushing yards per game: 102.0 (19th in NFL)

Obviously, the rushing yards are down because the Vikings have had to throw the ball more often. It's safe to say Peterson won't be rushing for 2,000 yards again this year.

The defense looks sloppy, the offensive line is a mess. There's very little I can look at that gives me any hope this season will turn around for the Vikings. And Green Bay is up next, on Sunday night at the Metrodome.

I'm glad I have Game 4 of the World Series to keep me occupied that night.

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