Thursday, October 17, 2013

Wake 2, Boone 0

Yesterday was an important anniversary, and I didn't comment on it here. I guess I should have.

Of course, it was the 44th anniversary of the Mets incredible 1969 World Series triumph over the heavily-favored Baltimore Orioles. That is still one of my favorite all-time baseball moments.

And oh yeah, it was also the 10th anniversary of another baseball event: Tim Wakefield giving an 11th inning home run to Aaron Boone giving the Yankees the 2003 AL pennant.

I passed the NY Daily News on a newsstand yesterday (I don't read that rag any more) and saw some kind of headline on their back page about it, and kept on walking. (I will never forgive them for their headline the day after the pennant was won: "The Curse Lives!" No, Not "Yankees Win Pennant On Boone Slam" or something like that.)

Looking back on that awful moment in my Red Sox fandom, I can actually smile now by the way it played out after Boone's home run. He got hurt in the off-season, and the Yankees came up with the brilliant idea of trading for Alex Rodriguez.

As I write this, Tim Wakefield owns 2 World Series rings. Aaron Boone owns none.

And it was 9 years ago today that this happened, and it changed everything. Thanks always, Mr. Roberts:

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