Sunday, October 20, 2013

13th Flag In '13

The Red Sox did it on Saturday night, winning their 13th American League championship with another tense game, winning it on Shane Victorino's grand slam in the 7th inning, 5-2.

Koji Uehara slammed the door in the ninth, and was awarded the ALCS MVP Award.

I watched most of the game on Saturday at my old haunt, the Riviera Cafe, with a packed house of delirious Red Sox fans. My buddy Chris and I enjoyed the win together. I have a million pleasant memories of the Riv from 2004, and it was a joy to be back, and see another great memory.

It was one of the most tense, roller-coaster series I have ever witnessed. It probably took about five years off my life.

But I love these boys. They drive me to drink at times, but it was worth every nerve-wracking moment.

Thank you, Red Sox.

Now on to the World Series, which will open on Wednesday night at Fenway. Bring on the Cardinals.

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