Thursday, October 25, 2007

Why Can't McCarver Just Let This Go?

I knew this would happen again, because the World Series involved both Fox and the Red Sox.

And sure enough, as last night's Game 1 of the World Series evolved into a major Red Sox wipeout, Tim McCarver once again brought up a subject that nearly made me explode as I was watching the game last night.

It was the 2004 World Champions he was talking to Joe Buck about, and he once again, for the 3,498th time, mentioned the interview he did with Jon Lieber, the former Yankees pitcher, on his syndicated show two years ago. Lieber told McCarver that as the Yankees were leading the ALCS against the Red Sox 3 games to none, a number of Red Sox players came up to a few Yankees players before Game 4 started to "congratulate" them on their "eventual" ALCS win and trip to the World Series. Which as we all know never happened.

In this interview, Lieber did NOT mention any names of any of the other players involved in this, from either club. And to this date, NO ONE has backed up Lieber's story. (I've searched the Internet and can find nothing from anywhere else confirming it.) Not any Red Sox or Yankee player (or ex-Red Sox or ex-Yankee player for that matter). But still, whenever the Yankees play the Red Sox, or the story of the 2004 championship comes up when McCarver is in the booth, this asshole has keep propagating this urban myth that no one outside the mind of Jon Lieber can confirm actually took place. (And let's be honest, you know that a sportswriter who despises the Red Sox like Dan Shaughnessy or Bill Madden would jumped ALL OVER this story if it were true. I would bet a few actually checked it out, and found nothing, so they didn't pursue it. A shitstirrer like CHB would have LOVED something like this.)

Why did Lieber bring that story up if it isn't true? Who knows, maybe jealousy over the fact he didn't get to the World Series (and he's never been to one). As far as I'm concerned, Lieber has no guts or is a chickenshit liar for not naming who these Red Sox players were. And I absolutely despise McCarver for dragging up this bullshit on national baseball telecasts when nobody else seems to think there's any truth to it.

McCarver continues to be one of, if not THE, most hated broadcaster doing regular national sports in America. I once enjoyed listening to his take on baseball, as he always seemed to speak with an intelligent point of view, and he had a streak of good humor. But now, he just inspires web sites that hate him and points out all of his inane points and stupid mistakes. And that's a shame really.

I'm glad I'm in a crowded bar watching these World Series games. Most of the time, I can't hear most of his babble, but last night I caught him rehashing the Jon Lieber Urban Myth once again.

Just let it go, Timmy. No one cares about such crap anymore.


Michael Leggett said...

Tim inspires websites calling for his annihilation:

It must be killing him that The Yankees are NOT there;

"Bronson, NOT Brandon, Tim";

Wait'll my 4th "MLB On FOX" Sendup;

It'll be BRUTAL

Peter N said...

But the end of the game was just the beginning. So smile!!!

BklynSoxFan said...

I'm smiling right now, Peter....

Thanks again for the six-pack, Michael...Hope you were able to get the case of beer home OK...

Michael Leggett said...

I got it back to Woodhaven, a Budding RSN Community:

My associate got a 6 Pack, for paying for the taxi ride;

IPA is strong ale. Enjoy O Omnipotent One:

That 1 Hitter, was on NBC4, in the Civilized Days of a Daytime World Series.