Wednesday, October 24, 2007

America's Mayor Pulling For the Sox

I guess he's finally seen the light.

The New York tabloids are going absolutely bananas today over the revelations that presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani told some groups in New England that he intends to support the Red Sox in the 2007 World Series.

Oh brother. Talk about nonsense. Once again, that lethal mixture of politicians and sports teams strikes again. We all know what a big time Yankee fan the former New York mayor is. At least he's a legitimate fan. Most politicians come off as clueless when it comes to a rooting interest. (Remember John Kerry on ESPN back in 2004 talking about "Manny Ortez?") They basically check out which way the wind blows (Hillary Clinton in a Yankee hat comes to mind here) and go with that. Giuliani also claims to be an "American League fan" and would support the AL in the World Series unless the Mets were in it, and would pull for them out of "loyalty to New York."

But here Giuliani comes off as the worst kind of panderer. I remember when the Yankees signed Japanese pitcher Hideki ("Fat Toad") Irabu back in 1997. The press coverage over his coming to New York was insane, and Giuliani had to capitalize on it, and actually gave him the Key to the City. (And we all know what a bust Irabu turned out to be.) And, oh yes, it also just happened to be an election year (he was running for a second term as mayor and won). Talk about pandering for Asian votes. We all know that politicians will do almost anything for votes. I'm sure most are like me, and that who a candidate supports as far as sports teams goes means next to nothing when entering a polling booth and casting a ballot. I doubt any of his hardcore supporters are going to turn on him because of this. (But these days, you never know.)

And the press coverage about it is just laughable. And the New York Post comes off the worst. They actually put this crap into a sidebar about this story:

Five things Rudy Giuliani needs to know about the Boston Red Sox
1. They suck.
2. They suck.
3. They suck.
4. They suck.
5. They really, really, really suck.

Wow. Very intelligent stuff. Talk about playing to the bottom feeders. So, if the Red Sox "really, really, really suck," what does that make your beloved Yankees, who are home playing golf?

Enjoy the World Series everyone. Especially the newest Red Sox convert.


Michael Leggett said...

He seeks Attention in the WORST Way:

Then again, Rudy is BOTH a Media Darling & a MEDIA WHORE.

The Angry Tech said...

I mean... okay, yes this is probably stupid pandering that doesn't actually accomplish anything.

On the other hand, most baseball fans are rooting for someone in the World Series, even if their home team has been eliminated. I'm sure lots of Yankee fans are pulling for the Sox & the American League. So this isn't so unusual or necessarily artificial, except that as one of the the country's most prominent Yankee fans, he should probably just sit quietly on the subject.


BklynSoxFan said...

I agree Rob. I've known a few Yankee fans who've gone that same route, rooting for the AL rep in the Series no matter who it is. But since Giuliani said this before a New England crowd, he sounds like he's doing some major sucking up. And I found the NY reaction to all this silliness highly amusing.

Michael Leggett said...

The NY Post Reaction is Hideously Idiotic:

But, in regards to 1986's World Series, That Series made for Strange Bedfellows;

& many of the '86 Mets Fans, ended up as Yankees Fans

Suldog said...

Can you imagine any Red Sox fan openly stating that they were rooting for the Yankees? I can't - unless they were playing the Tehran Talibans.