Tuesday, October 16, 2007

21 Out of 22

The Colorado Rockies continued their Magic Carpet Ride last night at Coors Field as they won their first National League Championship with a 6-4 win over Arizona and a sweep of their series. Congratulations to them and their fans.

It's a team just refuses to lose and finds a way to win every time out. They have now won 21 of their last 22 games, the last loss was ironically at home to Arizona on September 28 that gave the Diamondbacks the NL West title (and it was the same night the Red Sox wrapped up the AL East).

And if the Rockies do win the whole schebang, they should vote a special full share to Tony Gwynn, Jr. He had the hit that kept the Rockies playoff hopes alive on September 29, as he tied a game for the Brewers that day against his dad's old team, the Padres, with two outs in the ninth, and Milwaukee went on to win that contest in extra innings. They won again the next day and that set up the one-game playoff in Colorado and set the Rockies on their way.

The Rockies are getting that cliched term "Team of Destiny" put on them. But wrapping the NLCS so quickly might actually be to their disadvantage, as they will now get 9 days off before the World Series begins, which is a week from tomorrow. It will be interesting to see if the long layoff hurts a red-hot team such as them.

The Diamondbacks had a great season, and like the Rockies are a young and talented team that should be in the hunt for the NL title for years to come. But they could not overcome the Colorado steamroller.

And the Red Sox 2004 historic comeback from 0-3 remains unchallenged.

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