Monday, October 08, 2007

Texas Con Man Wimps Out Again

This was a big shock, huh?

Once again, Roger Clemens comes up small when it counts: in big, postseason games. I said before last night's game that he was on a very short lease, as the Yankees' season was on the line. By the third inning last night, Joe Torre had no choice but to yank his starter, as not only their season, but Torre's job was on the line. Allegedly, his hamstring was acting up again when he left the game. But he sure looked like he had nothing.

Compare his start with that of Curt Schilling's yesterday. Now there is a true money pitcher, in every sense of the word.

The Yankees rallied to win and bailed Clemens' ass out yet again. Boy, he really has been worth that pro-rated $28 million, eh? Talk about stealing a team's money with both hands. But it was New York's money, and they were desperate enough to give into his demands.

I really hope this pathetic dog-and-pony show with The Traitor is finally over, and he has the decency to finally, for once and for all, retire. But of course, Clemens is all about one thing: money. But I seriously can't imagine they would give him anything close to the type of money he'd probably want, if the Yankees have any interest at all in bringing him back.

It will be interesting to see if The Texas Con Man can sucker some other team out there with his BS demands. He had his chance to have his career go full circle, to return to Boston, but obviously his legacy means nothing to him. (And thank God he didn't go back to the Red Sox.)

Just whichever sucker he can swindle a huge paycheck he clearly doesn't deserve.

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Michael Leggett said...

I would NEVER want that FAT, HIDEOUS, Liquid Muscled FRAUD, ANWHERE near Fenway Park:

He'll retire, when Andy Petitte, retires