Monday, October 15, 2007

It Never, Ever Gets Old

In the ninth inning of last night's Game 3 of the NLCS, the Colorado Rockies were one out away from a victory (which they got, 4-1) over the Arizona Diamondbacks. A graphic popped up on the screen.

It is the everlasting legacy of three Octobers ago.

"Only once in 29 postseason series has a team come back from being 0-3 down to win. (Bos vs. NYY 2004 ALCS)"

However, in today's NY Post, I think writer Mark Hale's a little confused. He wrote:

"Barring a Mets-like collapse, the Rockies will play Game 1 in Cleveland or Boston next Wednesday night."

You're confusing your New York teams, aren't you Mark? I think it was the Yankees who collapsed in spectacular (postseason) style three years ago, no?

Anyway, it just never gets old. Good luck to the D-Backs. They're going to need it.

Someone might want to show them a copy of the 2004 World Series video today.

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