Monday, October 01, 2007

A Strange Break in the Silence

You all may have heard this story last week. Tom Cruise is making a film in Germany called "Valkyrie," about an anti-Nazi hero in Germany during World War II.

They were filming a special scene in a place where many anti-Nazis were executed during the war, and out of a show of respect, the famed Couch Jumper asked everyone for a moment of silence in their memories.

But what should happen during the moment of silence, but an unknown crew member let out a loud fart for everyone to hear. Apparently, Mr. Cruise was not happy about this unfortunate breaking of wind. And as we speak, he and the movie's producers are going through the footage to unmask the person guilty of this passing of gas. So much for that old saying, "Wherever you be, let your wind go free."

Boy, if this person does get found out and bounced, it would be interesting to hear his next job interview. "I was fired for inappropriate farting." And from now on, I suppose movie crews on Cruise's future films will be warned, "Don't break wind in front of Tom. He doesn't like that, and you could get fired."

For more on this:

(P.S. I find rather amusing that in the "categories" section in the link, there are sections for "long drawn out farts" and "Nazis." Somehow I've never put the two together.)

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