Saturday, October 13, 2007

They Can't Let the Yankees Go

I saw an article today in the New York Daily News today by John Harper, who is another of the New York sportswriters I really have no use for. And of course, being based here in NYC, he's got to write something in regard to the Yankees not being in the ALCS.

In"The Feeling at Fenway Fails to Rival Buzz that Bombers Bring," Harper seems to think that somehow we are all thanking our lucky stars as Red Sox fans that the Big, Bad Evil Empire isn't playing the Red Sox in the ALCS, as "our fatalism" would kick in and we'd expect the Sox just to roll over and die.

Am I glad the Yankees aren't playing now? Yes I am. But for reasons that drive fans crazy, like the endless hype and crap from hack writers like Harper and all the nonsense that Fox would roll out about it (you know, all the history between the two teams, always mentioning those guys with middle initial "F", blah, blah, blah). Listen, I'm sure there's a sense of relief from many Red Sox fans that the Yankees are history, but this is a damn good Cleveland Indians team and they aren't to be taken lightly. And like many in Red Sox Nation, those two ALCS showdowns earlier this decade were incredibly exciting, especially in 2004. But I'd rather not have to go through that again. Right now I'm glad to see the Sox in a series with the Indians, so we can concentrate on baseball, and not the endless sidebar palaver that comes with playing the Yankees.

It's a pleasure to watch baseball right now, especially since the Red Sox are winning, and not have to deal with all the Yankees nonsense. Especially from sportswriters.

I know that not having the Yankees around in this series gives writers less of an angle to their stories, but frankly, that's their problem. Too damn bad that the Red Sox-Indians series isn't "sexy" enough for these so-called writers. The Sox and Tribe are only the two best teams in baseball for the entire 2007 season.

And a newsflash to those writers like Harper: the Yankees weren't good enough to beat the Indians, and weren't good enough when it counted. They are home playing golf right now. Get over it.


Steel36 said...

These are New York papers. There are the five boroughs and the rest of us are heathens at the gate.

Just shows how pathetic they are.

BklynSoxFan said...

They are beyond pathetic, Steel...