Friday, October 05, 2007

Red Sox Fan Attacked in Yonkers

I saw a story in the New York Post this morning (but curiously not in the Daily News), a rather disturbing story about an encounter between some Red Sox and Yankee fans in Yonkers on Wednesday night.

A man from Massachusetts named Carlos Ortez was in a bar at a Ramada Hotel with a friend when two Yankee fans from Pennsylvania started in on Ortez, who was wearing a Red Sox hat and shirt. They asked him if he any "pride in Boston." They ignored the Yankee fans, and eventually left the bar after midnight.

The two taunters went after Ortez after he left the bar and attacked him, and he was severely injured and is in the hospital. The two thugs were arrested shortly after the attack, and are being charged with second degree assault.

Unbelievable. I hope they toss the book at these two assholes. This brought back memories for me of an incident last year, when a friend of mine and I were in a restaurant and encountered a drunk Yankee fan who was pissed off and looking for a fight. He saw the Sox shirt I was wearing and hassled my friend and I. He knocked my friend down and cut him, and clipped me across the face before he ran off. He was a complete asshole, and like these two morons in Yonkers, reinforces every negative stereotype of Yankee fans. I'm sure all the good Yankee fans are thoroughly disgusted and embarrassed by this incident.

All the best to Carlos Ortez. Get well soon. You're in the prayers of all Red Sox fans.


Michael Leggett said...

Welcome To Yankees Fans Extreme Stupidity Season:

Where I viewed that Game, Yankee Fans left the Irish Pub, in the 6th Inning;

For 2 a-holes from PA, as a # of NYY Fans come from there to "The Toilet", to beat up a Latino from MA, they have cemented the stereotype of Yankees Fans.

Suldog said...

Terrible. The Sox might get a lot of good press if they offer he and his friend a couple of tickets.

BklynSoxFan said...

I bet the Red Sox will remember him in some way during the postseason, and hopefully Mr. Ortez makes a complete recovery.

Mitchell said...

No matter where you go, its there. Annoying, without reason and followed up the following day with alcohol as the true culprit fueled by personal pride in their team.
How do we educate these knuckle draggers? The answer is out there.

BklynSoxFan said...

As bad as it is here, Mitch, it's even worse in Europe, as soccer fanatics take their team supports to levels beyond even this.

But true, mix alcohol and boneheads and it can be a lethal mix.

Michael Leggett said...

The 2 Bozos didn't make bail