Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Sad Day

Remembering today:

Abraham Lincoln, who was assassinated 147 years ago on this day.

The 1400 victims of the Titanic, which sank a century ago today.

The 96 Liverpool fans who were killed at Hillsborough Stadium on this date in 1989.

Joey Ramone, who left us too soon on this day in 2001.

And earlier this week, I neglected to mention another sad anniversary that had passed. It was 20 years ago last Tuesday that the great Sam Kinison was killed in a car accident in Nevada. I saw him twice live in concert, and even saw him once at Tower Records after his first album came out in 1986. I had just arrived on a vacation in London in 1992 when I got the news of Sam's death.

In remembrance of him, here is his very first appearance on "Late Night With David Letterman", on November 14, 1985. It was the first time I ever saw him and nearly fell off my couch laughing. I was immediately a fan.

A lot of sad events occurred on this day, so let's have some laughs:

Thank you, Sam.

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