Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Complete and Utter Disgrace

The only good things I can say about Saturday's game are: Felix Doubront pitched very well, and I did not witness one pitch of this entire travesty.

Last September wasn't bad enough. The crap over the winter wasn't bad enough, either.

You guys simply can't resist embarrassing your loyalest fans enough, can you?

Last April, I was a bit worried about the bad 2-10 start, but I knew they were a far better club than they showed. I had faith in Terry Francona and things would turn for the better. They did.

Does even one of you out there think this will get any better with The Smartest Guy In The Room at the controls?

The Red Sox have made a terrible mistake in the manager's office. And they have a ton of problems that can't be fixed quickly.

I am angry. And I am embarrassed. 

And the Sox acquired outfielder Marlon Byrd from the Cubs tonight for righty reliever Michael Bowden, who was DFA'd last week. That will surely help this shitty bullpen, won't it?

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