Sunday, April 08, 2012

I've Seen This Movie Before. It Doesn't End Well.

Good Lord.

Bobby Valentine has two guys at the front of his bullpen who threw batting practice with the game on the line today, and now Mark Melancon and Alfredo Aceves each have their first BS of the season. (That stands for "blown save" folks. But another "BS" can certainly apply here.) I can just hear the cries of "Make Daniel Bard the closer right now!" and "I wish we still had Papelbon!"

And once again, the Red Sox open a season getting swept. 12 runs today wasn't good enough.

I'm so pissed off right now that the vitriol isn't coming out of me.

You simply can't let games like this escape if you intend to run with the big boys of the American League. As we all know, the crappy start of 2011 cost the Red Sox big time in the final end. Games in April are just as important as the September ones.

Who will close at the next opportunity for the Sox? We'll find out who Valentine chooses when that opportunity presents itself.

New York was swept at Tampa Bay this weekend, and for the first time since 1966, both the Red Sox and Yankees open the year 0-3. (And they both finished at the bottom of the AL that season.)

My friend Allan at Joy of Sox has some sage advice for all Red Sox fans right now:

Stay away from all Boston media until further notice.

Amen to that.

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