Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Trivia Q&A: June 16

We had 10 teams in for Trivia Night on an evening when we had to move Trivia to Monday night due to the Celtics playoff game on Tuesday night. That move plus the threat of severe storms in the New York area kept the crowd down. But I am grateful to all of those who rearranged their schedules to be in on Monday.

We brought back "Spell the Word" for "The Q Train," and it will be a recurring category for the future. I made the words a bit tougher than a couple of weeks ago, but the numbers were still quite good. We had three of the teams get perfect scores in "Sports Venue Trivia," and the numbers for General Knowledge were excellent as well.

It was a close contest going into IQ Trivia, with six teams within three points of each other. But Trivia Ninjas ran the table with five correct answers, and wound up winning by five points. (I was surprised that the scores weren't better in that round.) My congratulations to them on their win.

My friends Peg and Ken, who were in New York for the week from San Diego, finished in 5th place in last night's Trivia. As I announced the scores, they got a very warm reception from the Trivia Night regulars. It was one of the best ovations anyone has ever gotten on Trivia Night, and they really appreciated it. I can't remember a 5th place ever warmly applauded like that before.

Trivia Night will return to its regular day and time next week, Tuesday night, June 24th, at 9 PM. And hopefully it will stay there for the forseeable future.

Current Events
1. This media star topped Forbes' list of the richest celebrities of 2008, grossing nearly $250 million and topping the list for the fifth time.
2. This country now has the highest life expectancy age in the world: 83, according to the World Health Organization.
3. Congressman Anthony Weiner of NY raised eyebrows last week by suggesting that the government set 1,000 immigrant visas for this group of people.
4. Eliot Asinof, who wrote this book about the 1919 Black Sox scandal that was made into a movie in 1988, dies last week at the age of 88.
5. President Bush and French President Sarkozy warned this country last week not to side with Iran, and stated they won't allow to get nuclear weapons.
6. This American actor was named a Visiting Professor at Oxford University for this fall last week.
7. This 1998 Vince Vaughn film was recently chosen by Moviefone as "the worst movie remake of all time."

Answers: 1. Oprah Winfrey; 2. Japan; 3. models; 4. "Eight Men Out;" 5. Syria; 6. Kevin Spacey; 7. "Psycho."

Sports Venues Trivia
1. Turner Field
2. TD Banknorth Garden
3. Arrowhead Stadium
4. Citizens Bank Park
5. Lambeau Field
6. United Center
7. Heinz Field

Answers: 1. Atlanta; 2. Boston; 3. Kansas City; 4. Philadelphia; 5. Green Bay; 6. Chicago; 7. Pittsburgh.

Spell the Word ("The Q Train")
1. PIACULAR (adj.) sinful or wicked
2. RESCINDABLE (verb) to annul, revoke, repeal
3. GENDARME (noun) a police officer in several European countries, especially France
4. PREMIATE (verb) to grant a prize or award to
5. SHIATSU (noun) a Japanese message technique that includes the use of acupressure
6. EUCALYPTUS (noun) any of numerous tall trees native to Australia having evergreen leaves that are the source of medicinal oils
7. BRUMOUS (adj) filled or abounding with fog or mist
8. FERRUMINATE (verb) to solder or unite, as metals
9. WILLET (noun) a large North American shorebird
10. POLONAISE (noun) a slow dance of Polish origin, consisting of march in couples

General Knowledge
1. President George W. Bush has twin daughters named Jenna and what?
2. A "hi-hat" is a part of what instrument?
3. The world's first atomic explosion took place in what US state?
4. Paul Bendict played an eccentric neighbor named Harry Bentley on what TV series?
5. On the children's TV series "Teletubbies," how many Teletubbies are there?
6. The Houghton Mifflin Company specializes in what?
7. In the comic strip "Peanuts," what character consistently addresses Peppermint Patty as "Sir?"

Answers: 1. Barbara; 2. drums; 3. New Mexico; 4. "The Jeffersons;" 5. four; 6. book publishing; 7. Marcie.

IQ Trivia
1. Peter Tchaikovsky was the conductor at the 1891 opening of what New York City music venue? ( 4 points)
2. The French-Canadian folk song "Alouette" is about what? ( 5 points)
3. In 1938, what world leader erroneously claimed to have achieved "peace for our time?" ( 4 points)
4. How many horizontal rows of stars appear on the US flag? ( 3 points)
5. What retail chain purchased Sears for over $11 billion in 2005? ( 4 points)

Answers: 1. Carnegie Hall; 2. plucking a bird; 3. Neville Chamberlain; 4. nine; 5. K-Mart.


the_peg_is_in said...

Thanks for the props, John! Peg and Ken (AKA "A Team Name So Dirty John Quinn Can't Say It") will return, and slay the other teams at spelling AGAIN!

The Omnipotent Q said...

It was so great to have you at Trivia Night, Peg, and I'm glad you and Ken had such a great time.

I'll make sure we have the spelling category on the night ATNSDJQCSI returns!