Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Thanks For All Your Support

The results are in from the contest I was entered in over at Surviving Grady last week about the one person you'd want to watch a game at Fenway Park with.

And unfortunately, I did not win.

The top two were the "Grandma" and "Kevin Millar" entries, and they each won a copy of the new six-DVD set, "The Essential Games of Fenway Park." My congratulations to both of them, as they were both excellent entries. My thanks to Red and Denton especially over at Surviving Grady, for selecting my entry for the finals.

I don't where I finished or how many votes I got, but I dropped the boys at the site an email, as I'd like to know how I did. If anything, just to stroke my ever-growing ego!! (I'll pass along any more info if they can pass it on to me.)

Seriously, I received many beautiful emails from my friends from all over the country and I am really touched that many of you took the time to vote for my entry.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

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