Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Every RemDawg Has His Day

Congratulations to Jerry Remy, who is being honored at Fenway Park tonight for his 20 years as a broadcaster of Red Sox baseball games on NESN. It's a real pleasure listening to the RemDawg on any given night with his buddy, "The Announcer Boy," Don Orsillo.

Rarely does a game go by that I don't laugh at some observation he comes up with. Whether it's his self-deprecating humor, or his opinion on a couple being filmed for "Sox Appeal" at Fenway, it's never a dull moment when The RemDawg's in the house. And he's a damn good analyst to boot.

And I can't tell you how much I miss him when I'm forced to have to be subjected to the shills over at the YES Network for a Red Sox-Yankees game, or when the Sox games get highjacked by the national networks. And when I'm back watching the games on NESN, I feel like I'm back home after being behind enemy lines.

All the best RemDawg, on 20 years at NESN. He's hoping we get at least 20 more years with you and Don behind the mikes at the Fens.

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