Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Carlin Tributes This Week on HBO

HBO is paying tribute to the late George Carlin by showing 11 of his 14 HBO specials he did from 1977-2008. Starting today, they will air five of them on HBO2, and tomorrow six of them will air on the same network. On Saturday, HBO Comedy will air a complete 11-hour marathon of them all, beginning at 4 PM. Click here for more info.

George was also the first host of "Saturday Night Live" on October 11, 1975, and NBC will pay tribute to him by airing that classic episode this Saturday night at 11:30 PM. (That is also the show that Andy Kaufman made his network debut with his "Mighty Mouse" sing-along.)

I was checking out some classic George bits on YouTube last night, and came across two of my favorites: George on "Sports," and his lampoon on the PC crowd and environmentalists: "Saving the Planet." Both are worth the time to check out and laugh. Thanks George.

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