Thursday, June 05, 2008

Pap's No Fan of Elton?

From Gordon Edes' column in the Boston Globe of Wednesday:

The Sox closer (Jonathan Papelbon), in his own wacky way, tried to lighten the team's concern over David Ortiz's left wrist injury with a postgame pronouncement that he, too, had an injury that required medical attention. The injury, he said, was to his elbow. His left elbow.

"The official diagnosis is 'Elton John surgery,' " Papelbon said. "It's all good, man. Just got to ice it. There's no surgery needed for Elton John. It's just kind of nagging, kind of like Elton John songs."

I guess Pap's not a fan of Elton John. So I guess he'll never enter a game to the tune of "Rocket Man." And thank God for that, as that song was permanently ruined for me by some guy who once pitched for the Sox many years ago, and shall remain nameless.

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