Monday, June 09, 2008

Another Truly Laughable "Curse" Obsession

I hope Dan Shaughnessy is damned to hell for this.

Over the weekend, I saw an article, courtesy of the great web site Fire Joe Morgan, that's once again trying to dredge up some stupid, moronic, nonsensical "curse." And this time dear readers, the Red Sox have been put under some kind of "evil spell" with all the injuries they've had this season.

I hope you've stopped laughing by now. Yes, some moronic dimwit named "Bill Chuck" (yeah, I'll bet that's his real name) over at Fox Sports wrote a lengthy article over there about the new "curse" the Sox are under because of the injuries to players like David Ortiz, Sean Casey, Curt Schilling and Daisuke Matsuzaka.

If you click the link above, you can get Ken Tremendous' laugh-out-loud take on this stupid crap that someone actually made up over at Fox Sports. Once again, I just shake my head at laughable nonsense like "curses" and "jinxes" and those halfwits who are trying to make up new ones, especially when it concerns the Red Sox. As many of you know, I've called out on this blog some of those boneheads, especially the ones who write to or for the New York papers, about such inane drivel.

Although I read over at the message board there that this "Bill Chuck" isn't a Yankees fan, it just sounds like the sort of the thing some Yankee fan would come up with. THEY are the ones who are obsessed with curses. (Why do you think Mr. Hankee sent in the jackhammers to get that David Ortiz jersey out of the new Yankee Stadium concrete so fast?)

Injuries hit every team (and the Sox and Yankees are no exception), but reading the article over there made me split my sides over the curse obsession. Some (Yankees) fans just can't get over it.

And by the way Billy Chuckmeister, last time I looked the Red Sox were still in first place with all the injuries they've had this season.

Once again, I hope Dan Shaughnessy goes to a place after he dies where he needs an electric fan for creating a cottage industry for such bloody nonsense.


Steel36 said...

and may the fan provided to CHB breaks right after he gets it.

Better yet, Danny has a Jukebox in Hell.

"Convoy", "La Vida Loca" and "Macarena" in heavy rotation FOREVER!!!

Damn it must be a SLLOOOOWWWWW news day!!

Michael Leggett said...

Bill Chuck, methinks, is a Yankees Fan, in some bar, somewhere up Woodhaven Blvd from me, where Yankees Fans have worn disguises and know nothing about the team they're wearing disguises for:

The CHB?

Less said-the better it is.

Steel36 said...

Whatever-it was good for a laugh.