Friday, September 07, 2007

Walk Off Balk?

The Cyclones won the McNamara Division title yesterday in a most unusual fashion. Their game with the Lowell Spinners was tied, 2-2 in the 11th inning, and they had runners on first and third with two outs. Spinners pitcher Ryne Miller than committed an obvious balk, and the Cyclones won the game and the division, and will host the Staten Island Yankees in the first round of the NYPL playoffs. The playoffs begin this weekend, and they will host games Monday and Tuesday (if necessary). The playoff rounds in the NYPL are a best-of-three.

"Walk Off Balk?" Sounds silly doesn't it? I never liked that term "walk off." Since when did it become unfashionable to say "game-winning" anymore? Whatever. Congratulations to the Brooklyn Cyclones on their division championship. I'll be there for the season finale tonight, even though the game has little meaning to either team.

Bring home the title, guys. Go Cyclones!


Suldog said...

I saw the Red Sox beat the Angels, at Fenway, in 1986 on a walk-off balk. Very weird game, but one of my most favorite to have attended live.

Sox trailed in the 9th. Two outs and (can't remember, but it might have been Gedman) hit a foul pop. Burleson, then playing for the Angels, drifted over by third base, settled under it, and DROPPED IT. Game continued. Sox went on to tie the game and it went into extra innings.

Mike Brown gave up go-ahead runs to put us down, but we won in (if I remember correctly) 12th inning. Game tied, two outs, runner on third, balk. Just a bizarre game to have won.

I saw that and thought FOR SURE the Sox had to win it all that year. They appeared absolutely blessed.

The Omnipotent Q said...

I found the game you mentioned, Suldog, on Baseball Reference. It was July 10, 1986 against the Angels. Cal scored three in the 12th, and the Sox scored four in the bottom, and the winner came in on a balk. Here it is:

What a game.