Friday, September 28, 2007

Going Down the Elevator Shaft

It's been pretty painful watching the Mets play over the past week, and last night might have been the worst of all. As I watching the Red Sox game, I also kept an eye at the proceedings at Shea Stadium, and also the Phillies-Braves game in Philly.

The differences couldn't have been more glaring. Shea Stadium was maybe have-filled (they announced 48,000 or so at the game, but those were the number of tickets sold to the original game that was rained out earlier this year), and they seemed subdued and just waiting for another loss to happen. While in Philadelphia, there didn't seem to be an empty seat in the house, and the fans looked like they were roaring on every pitch. (It sure didn't hurt the home side scored four runs in the first.)

It seems like there's a black cloud hanging over Shea, as the support seems to have dwindled, as most Mets fans I know already think it's all over. It will be interesting to see what kind of crowds the Mets get this weekend. They are still very much alive, despite the events of this week. They really need the fans support, especially right now.

The team looked like they threw in the towel last night, as they were dominated by a Red Sox reject, Joel Pineiro. They could manage only three hits against him in eight innings, and against a team, the St. Louis Cardinals, that are playing out the schedule. Pedro Martinez pitched a gutty game, the best pitched by a Mets starter in over a week. St. Louis still won, 3-0, and now it's a tie in the NL East. It's another dogfight over in the NL West, as Arizona leads San Diego by one game and Colorado (winners of 11 straight) by two. (The Padres currently lead the Wild Card race over the Mets and Rockies by one game.) And it's possible that all five teams could have the same record by the end of Sunday. Unbelievable.

So Mets fans, you have to root for three teams this weekend: Arizona (over Colorado), Milwaukee (over San Diego), and of course, Washington (over Philadelphia). The Mets have to avoid one of the worst end-of-season flops in history and win every game.

Not impossible, but they have to show some life. As do the fans at Shea as well.


Michael Leggett said...

I'm going to Shea Stadium, This Evening:

The Difference was a Downgraded Bullpen, after last postseason;

Live Blogging From Shea, tonight, followed by an overnight recap;

#1200 is up.

Michael Leggett said...

Shea was Packed Last Night & kinda lively until the 8th Inning:

It was sorta like an Irish Wake(2 Drink Minimum) where The Mets Acted like "The Guest Of Honor", only as Dead Men Walking.