Sunday, September 30, 2007

Stop the Funeral

Like the phoenix rising from the ashes, the Mets would not go quietly into the winter yesterday, as John Maine took a no-hitter into the eighth inning and the Mets wallopped the Florida Marlins, 13-0, in a game that featured an on-field brawl between Jose Reyes and Florida catcher Miguel Olivo.

Great to see the Mets still have some fight in them. They could have packed it in after this disasterous week, but they showed some grit and determination yesterday.

The Phillies loss to the Nationals on Saturday means the Mets and Phils are tied going into the final game. If both teams do the same thing today, there will be a one-game playoff in Philadelphia tomorrow. But if the San Diego Padres lose in Milwaukee and the Colorado Rockies win along with both Mets and Phillies winning, it sets up an amazing four-way tie. And if we reach that scenario, we'll look into it. But right now, it looks like something someone with an advanced knowledge of calculus needs to truly figure it out.

But all the Mets have to do is win today to guarantee at least another game.

BTW, did you see that idiotic nonsense in today's papers about how the Mets were supposedly "cursed" because the fan who caught Balco Barry's 756th home run was a Mets fan, so that caused this late season slump?

Good grief, when are these simpletons going to stop using "curses" and "jinxes" to explain teams failures? I guess a tired bullpen, some dubious starting pitching and some selected injuries have nothing to do with this? Yeah, it's all due to a Mets fan one night in San Francisco catching a home run ball. An absolute pox on Dan Shaughnessy and every other jackass sportswriter for bringing such ludicrous nonsense into the equation.

Shit happens. Deal with it.

Let's Go Mets!

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