Thursday, September 27, 2007

Something All Americans Should Know

There was yet another Democratic presidential debate last night, this one at Dartmouth University. Someone asked a really cintillating question, one all Americans should know before casting a ballot in next year's presidential election: "Which team do you support, the Boston Red Sox or New York Yankees?" Here are the candidates responses:
New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson: Red Sox.
Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich: Cleveland Indians.
New York Sen. Hillary Clinton: Yankees.
Former Alaska Sen. Mike Gravel: Red Sox.
Former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards: Red Sox.
Illinois Sen. Barack Obama: White Sox.
Connecticut Sen. Chris Dodd: Red Sox.
Delaware Sen. Joe Biden: Yankees.

Oh, brother. Who gives a rat's ass what these hypocrites think about baseball? I've never cast a
ballot with the idea that "I'll vote for the one who supports my team." Of all the issues surrounding us as a nation, this is just silly. I'm sure it was asked in the spirit of breaking the tension and having some fun, but when you mix politicians and sports, idiocy is sure to follow.

By the way, has anyone else noticed that the Yankees have not won a World Series since Hillary Clinton was elected to the Senate? I don't believe in curses or jinxes, but then again...


Jere said...

Hey, we were actually watching this live! It was kinda funny, I guess they asked because they were in New Hampshire.

Of course, it doesn't matter who they like, but I think it can give you a nice little peek into what the person is really like. (Just because of the casual-ness of the question, not that it's about baseball specifically.)

Oh, and it wasn't just a question from the crowd, it was specifically asked by one of the moderators, since they were in New Hampshire, and the question was "Red Sox or Yankees."

Richardson was asked first because he's notorious for having said in the past that he liked BOTH. (I mean, come on, can this man be trusted to be Prez?). But last night, he pulled a Johnny Damon-esque "start talking before someone brings that up" (people had started laughing when they went to him first), and said "Red Sox because Manny Ramirez is back!" ( I think he tried to turn it into a "who will win" rather than "who do you root for". What a politician.

I loved how Kucinich went right off the board and chose HIS team which was not one of the two options.

Hilary gave the usual Yankee bullshit, but then they asked the question many people had thought of already: Would she root for the Yanks or Cubs in the World Series. No real answer (as was her norm for the night--and I'm no Hilary-hater.)

Mike Gravel (the "eff this, I'm tellin' it like it is/weird uncle" candidate) said he was raised nearby, so, "do you even need to ask?", he said.

Can't remember Edwards' deal.

Obama, also went the honest route: "Sox, but the wrong color."

Dodd, who's from CT and who my lifelong CT parents are proudly backing, came right out with a Sox answer.

And Biden said he was from a family in Scranton who's rule was "be a yankee fan or don't eat." Again, I like that over, "Oh, whichever one will get me votes."

Wow, this was longer than expected... may have worked better as a post on my own blog... whoops.

The Omnipotent Q said...

Thanks for the breakdown, Jere. I didn't see the debate myself, but I must admit I liked Richardson's response...

Soxy Lady said...

Bwahhhhh hahaha. This post just made me laugh out loud! Great one!

Texy said...

I know I shouldn't care- but I still find this really interesting.