Sunday, September 02, 2007

It's Going to be a Long Year at South Bend

Notre Dame's opening game yesterday at South Bend against Georgia Tech may have proved what many were saying before the campiagn got under way: this a rebuilding year for the Fighting Irish and there's going to be some tough sledding ahead.

They were whacked around pretty good by Georgia Tech, 33-3. It was a tough day to be a Notre Dame fan, and watch them get manhandled like this. It seemed like from the start it was a game they were never in, and it brought back memories of the Gerry Faust Era.

Demetrious Jones started at QB, and they seemed only interested in running him, as he attempted only two passes in the first half. He fumbled twice, and was done at halftime. Evan Sharpley came in and was sacked seven times. The offensive line looked really awful, as none of the QBs had any time whatsoever. Much-heralded Jimmy Clausen came in late, but by the time he arrived the barn doors had been blown off and he was in to mop-up.

It was a day when the loss of players like Brady Quinn, Jeff Samardzija and Raymond McKnight was felt deeply.

The defense didn't distinguish themselves either. Tashard Choice of GT ran for two TDs and 196 yards. The game was really never a contest, and it was the first time Notre Dame didn't score a TD in its opener since 1985.

And the coach back then? Gerry Faust.

The Fighting Irish take on Penn State next week. It's gonna be a long year, folks.

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