Saturday, September 01, 2007

The Ugliest New Uniforms in Sports?

I was bouncing around my TV last night when I came across the Washington-Syracuse football game on ESPN. It was both teams' first game of the new season, and one thing hit me immediately upon seeing it: the ugly, eyesore uniforms Syracuse were wearing.
They are wearing an all-orange outfit, as they are the Orangemen. I'm not fashion guru or anything, but I hate when football teams, college or pro, go to all-anything color. Washington was wearing dark blue pants and white shirts, which was fine. Football teams should wear either colored pants and white shirts, or white pants and colored jerseys. I guess I am a bit of traditionalist when it comes to football uniforms.

San Diego State's all-black unis maybe the worst, but this one Syracuse had on was pretty lousy, no offense to any Syracuse fans out there. (My buddy Eric is a proud Syracuse alum and fan and I'll have to get his take on this.) I liked the old uniforms they wore, and I always thought those did emphasize their orange well enough.

But these uniforms were a little too over the top. But unfortunately for Syracuse and their supporters, it looks like it will be another long year for the Orangemen. The Huskies hammered them, 42-12, last night.

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Michael Leggett said...

The Orange Uniform looked Like Taunton High School's Softball Uniforms