Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A Quote For This Day

"It's been 233 days since September 11th. I've been to 28 funerals and memorial services and I should have gone to more, but some days I just couldn't face it. 233 days and in a few weeks it's going to be over. Everyone and everything that was going to be found will have been found. Won't be any place else to dig. And then we are going to have to walk away. And there will be a park with a marble monument with names that will slowly stop seeming like real people. There will be a junior high school named after somebody but soon enough it will be just us. We will be the ones who remember. That's what we can do to honor the people we loved and lost. We can be the ones who remember."

--Bruce Weitz, from the TV series, "Third Watch," Episode "233 Days"
May 6, 2002

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