Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Know Your World Leaders

Tuesday Night Trivia returns again tonight, and it will be part of a special doubleheader, as "Kayreoke" will start off the night at 7 PM at Professor Thom's. The filmmakers from Bombo Films will be in to record many of those calling the action of the Red Sox-Blue Jays game for their upcoming documentary about this Red Sox season. This will also be the last edition of Kayreoke for 2007.

Trivia will follow after the game, and hopefully will get going before 10 PM. We will have the usual four categories, plus one special one, "Heads of State Trivia". In this category, I will give you the name of a world leader, and you have to tell me which country he or she is the head of state of. Don't worry, I'm not going to ask any from any "obscure" countries like Mozambique or Moldova. They should be from countries you've heard of!

And today's Sneak Peek question:
"In what type of puzzle are words and syllables represented by pictures?"

Hope to see you tonight.

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