Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Trivia Postponed

The final night of Monday Night Trivia didn't happen last night, as we didn't have a big enough turnout because of Labor Day, so we decided not to have the contest. So, for those of you looking for Trivia Q&A from last night, stop looking.

Our next night of Trivia will be on Tuesday night, September 11, at about 9:30 PM, or when the Red Sox-Tampa Bay Devil Rays game concludes. (Actually, the Red Sox game ended after 11 PM tonight, due to the slugfest that went on. But we would have started during the game if enough players were able to take part.)

I will roll over General Knowledge, IQ Trivia and True or False Trivia questions and answers to next week's quiz. There will be a new set of Current Events questions and a special category to be named.

Hope to see you next Tuesday at Professor Thom's.

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