Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A True Giant of a Man

I read a great article in today's New York Daily News by Michael Daly about former New York Giants great George Martin, as he is currently doing something special to benefit those first responders and recovery workers who got sick working at the World Trade Center after the disaster there.

Martin is currently walking over 3500 miles, from the George Washington Bridge to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, and hopes to do about 35 miles a day. He hopes to raise $10 million for them. He hopes to complete the walk in about three months.

The article also compares what George Martin is doing to that moronic sociopath/double murderer O. J. Simpson, who once again is in trouble with the law, after that armed burglary he was involved with landed him in the slammer in Las Vegas.

Yep, karma has a funny way of working out sometimes. Here is the link to Michael Daly's fine column about two men on opposite ends of the American spectrum, and it's well-worth reading:

George Martin is truly one of the good guys out there, and doing something terrific out of the goodness of his heart. You can follow George and his coast-to-coast trek by checking in on his web site: http://www.ajourneyfor911.com/.

This just shows that there are so many great, caring people out there. The 9/11 disaster will be with us forever, and with many of those brave souls who rushed to the World Trade Center getting ill because of it, the worst day in our history won't be going away. The "9/11 Fatigue" crowd should take note of this. It changed the world forever, and if you think we can go on and "let that day go," you might as well move to Mars. Many wonderful people like George Martin felt the calling to do something, and my hats off to him.

Good luck, George. We're all pulling for you, and we'll be following your journey.

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