Sunday, May 27, 2007

You Gotta Love The OC

Orlando Cabrera is no fan of the faithful who fill Yankee Stadium, and gave an interview to the Los Angeles Times this past weekend and said just that.

NEW YORK — The New York Yankees might have the most fans, but they don't have the best fans. So says Angels shortstop Orlando Cabrera.

"They don't appreciate good baseball," he said. "They just appreciate the Yankees beating up on everybody."

The Yankees are on pace to lead the major leagues in attendance for the fifth consecutive season, with fans spoiled by a team that has won 26 World Series championships and has not missed the playoffs since 1993.

But those fans can turn venomous toward opposing players — and even toward their own, when performance is not in line with expectations. Cabrera played in Boston, another city with a loud and loyal fan base, before joining the Angels. He gives Red Sox and Angels fans high marks for supporting the home team through tough times and applauding great plays by the visiting team.

"In Boston, they admire baseball," Cabrera said. "In Anaheim, those fans are some of the best in baseball. They know you care there. They know you can't do it every day. I appreciate that."These people here, they're mean. And they're really mean to the other team."

Cabrera said the hostility in the stands has increased this season, with the Yankees below .500."When we came here last year, they were in first place, so it was OK," he said. "Now they're just looking for an excuse."

He is not bothered, he says, by whatever language Yankees fans direct his way."When people say [stuff], they only motivate me," he said. "They're bad losers."

We Sox fans miss The OC. Good luck to him always (except when playing the Red Sox).


Michael Leggett said...

I'm of the belief that Yankees Fans will come to Shea Stadium & get hit with the "Yankees Suck" Chant:

They'll be in a foul mood, EVERYWHERE.

Steel36 said...

Well say it if it's the truth (which it is)Just serves to show that Yankee fans are spoiled brats. Serves them right.

Peter N said...

Q, happy and healthy holiday...and the OC will always be a fond memory! And dual sweeps! How about that!!!!
TROT TIME!!!!! 8 hours to go. I'm already standing!

Suldog said...

I love Cabrera. I wish we had kept him.

Joe Monkeyweb said...

So Cabrera's logic goes something like this: Yankees fans are bad because they do not know about baseball because they get on their own players when they play poorly; Angels and Blood Sox fans are good because they support their team no matter what, which shows they know about baseball. Hmmm....