Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Post # 700: On The Bridge

A few weeks ago, I gave an interview to a magazine that was doing a story about Red Sox fans living in New York. The magazine also wanted to a photograph of me for the article as well.

I thought it would be taken at Professor Thom's one night and thought taking it was a good idea. But as it turns out, they wanted a shot of me with the New York skyline, or another symbol of this great city, in the background.

So I met with a photographer who was very nice, and spent about an hour with her and she took a whole slew of shots of me on the Brooklyn Bridge and along the waterfront with the skyline in the background. Today, she sent me a number of those pictures. So, in honor of my 700th post, here's the first one I will share with you, me on the Brooklyn Bridge wearing my beloved Red Sox jersey. (Unfortunately the picture doesn't fill out the entire space provided to post the picture in. I think it's the way the picture was taken. Oh well.) My thanks to her for taking such great pictures of me. I'll post more from time to time in the coming weeks.


Cormac said...

The same guys got in touch with me I think, re: the rest of the world Sox fans. I took my picture with a phone, gave it to a 79 year old man on Dublin's famous O'Connell street and asked him to take it outside the GPO, scene of the last stand of the Easter Rising.

Magazine should be interesting.

The Omnipotent Q said...

The article was for the Red Sox Nation fan club magazine. Was that one who contacted you, Cormac?

Unknown said...

Looking good John!! Seriously, I can't see the photo.....maybe you can email it to me......


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