Saturday, May 26, 2007

Back To 10 1/2 Again

Daisuke Matsuzaka struggled last night in Texas, getting hammered for 5 runs in the fourth inning, but the Red Sox bats came to his rescue, and they beat Texas, 10-6, in a game that began after a near two-hour rain delay. Dice-K is now 7-2 on the season.

Once again it was one bad inning that cost him, as he looked pretty good the rest of the game. He put the first two runners on in the first, but a double play bailed him out. Texas hit two homers, a triple, double and a single in getting five runs off of him in the fourth. Daisuke left after five innings after complaining of nausea.

The Red Sox got four in the second off Brandon McCarthy, who walked four and gave up a two-run single to Dustin Pedroia. David Ortiz got his 20th double of the season in driving in the eventual go-ahead run in the fifth, and Kevin Youkilis had his 21st multi-hit game of the season, and that now leads the AL.

The Angels walloped the Yankees in the Bronx, 10-6, to put the Sox lead back into double-digits again. It was also the same day when George Steinbrenner emerged from his Tampa bunker to announce that GM Brian Cashman's job was on the line (but not Joe Torre's, yet). This was also the game that Johnny Damon muffed a fly ball (called a hit but should have been an error) and looked like an old man chasing two others that went for extra base hits. It caused those dedicated Yankee fans to chant "Bernie Williams" at Judas.

I guess they were just reminding him of who he was playing like out there, I guess...

Red Sox win, Yankees lose. Mets win (over Florida), Braves lose (to the Phillies).

Another splendid night of baseball.


Blue Blooded Journo said...

I had the pleasure of watching both the Sox and the yanks last night. Daisuke probably was affected by the humidity. I remember a series at a similar time of the year in '04 where the Sox went in there and got roughed up. Thankfully, the Texans suck.

Damon also had some spaghetti-arm throws from the outfield and struggled from the plate.

As for the Sox, has there ever been a better core of hitters who averaged .230-.270? That lineup eats up opposing bullpens the way they work the count. I was disappointed the yanks or Orioles telecasts refused to mention that fact, but I thought the Texas team overdid it when they mentioned it every ten seconds (I get the games on my computer when I travel).

s1c said...

Well the afternoon has been good for the Sox as the yankees lose 3-1 to the Angels. yeah boy!

Michael Leggett said...

& now the Sawx keep marching on:

& Carlos Delgado launched a couple on the moon;

The Yankthese are spinning wheels in the mud;

& on FOX, the Bravos lose to the Phils;

& Tim was nowhere to be heard, telling us about St Derek;

T'is a Grand Saturday!