Monday, May 21, 2007

Trivia Change On Monday

Since there will be a Red Sox-Yankees game on the screens at Professor Thom's on Monday night, Trivia Night will probably begin around the same time it kicked off last Monday, around 10 PM. Since we went on until midnight last week, we will have four, and not five, categories this week: Current Events, General Knowledge, IQ Trivia, and Quantity Trivia 1-10. Hopefully, we will have Trivia completed around 11:30 on Monday.

The Red Sox have another Monday night game next week, but we will try to have five categories next Monday. As for this week's "Sneak Peek" question:

Used by frontier settlers, what was a conestoga?

Nice weekend having just concluded, as both the Red Sox and Mets did each other favors, with the Sox taking two of three from Atlanta and The Mets doing the same to the Yankees. Both clubs picked up a game off their division foes this past weekend, and now the important games begin between the AL and NL East rivals.

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