Thursday, May 10, 2007

Clemens Isn't a Savior, In Every Way

With all the hullabaloo over the Yankees bringing Roger Clemens back, my father told me a story the other day with a connection to it that was beyond ridiculous, and really rather offensive.

My dad earlier this week went to a remembrance service for a dear friend of his who he worked in the FDNY with for many years who tragically died because of injuries he suffered at a fire over 12 years ago. It's always a special thing that they remember his friend and the courage he showed, and the fact he gave his life for the city he loved.

As he was doing his homily during the service, the Catholic priest who was saying the mass made what he probably thought was a funny and innocent statement. It was the day after the Yankees made the announcement about Clemens, and he alluded to it. The priest was obviously a Yankee fan, and talked about "the return of another savior, Roger Clemens."

To compare Clemens, or any other baseball player, to Jesus Christ is really an offensive thing to say, even if it was said with all the best intentions. I'm not a "bible thumper" or anything like that, but I am a Catholic, and that priest really should have known better. I'm sure even Clemens wouldn't have been comfortable with that line.

My father's reaction? He quietly booed that priest right after he said it. (That was the Mets fan in him!) It made me smile and I was a little surprised that my dad actually booed a priest in church, but I was proud that he did that.

No, Clemens is NOT a savior, no matter WHO says it, or WHERE they say it.

Trust me on that.


Michael Leggett said...

(A) Can't Walk on Water;
(B) Turn Water into Wine;
(C) He'll whine when he gets his 1st Injury;
(D) Is scared to death of Shea Stadium, where some of his worst memories are;
(E) That Priest needs to be held by his ankles from a Upper Level Shea Ramp;

Am I mean, or What?

JackMackSoxer said...

If that Priest was a true baseball fan. He would also relize that a 45 yr old pitcher who hasn't pitched in the American League for 3 yeras and will probably only last 5 innings per start is no where near anything that is going to save the Yankees season!

Nice try Father, ......nice try