Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Liverpool Goes To Athens

Liverpool booked a place in the European Champions League Final in Athens on Tuesday with a 4-1 penalty shootout win over Chelsea at Anfield.

Chelsea won the first match of the home-and-home semifinal, 1-0 at Stamford Bridge. Liverpool won the second leg, 1-0, on Daniel Agger's goal, but the match went into OT because both teams had one goal and there were no road goals scored in the two matches.

No goals were scored in 30 minutes of OT, so they went to a penalty shootout. Pepe Reina (pictured wearing the yellow jersey) saved two critical Chelsea shots, and Dirk Kuyt put away the game winner to send Liverpool to Athens, where the championship final will be held. They will face either AC Milan or Manchester United. Those two teams will play on Wednesday in Milan, and Man U won the first match, 3-2. For more on Tuesday's Liverpool win:

I'm pulling for AC Milan, for two reasons. Liverpool beat them two years ago to win the trophy in that memorable final when Liverpool came from losing 3-0 at halftime to win it. (I do love teams that come from 0-3 down to win!) And I simply can't root for Man U, as a few years back they signed a cross merchandising deal with the Yankees.

Anyone who gets into bed with the Evil Empire will never have my support. Ever.
Go AC Milan!
But more importantly: Go Liverpool!!!


Cormac said...

Great match on another great European Championship night. How do you explain the atmosphere at Anfield to the average US sports fan?

There is simply nothing like it

The Omnipotent Q said...

It's really unlike anything I've ever witnessed. I've been to four matches on my trips to England and it's so very different, especially watching one complete group of opposition fans going nuts after the road club scores a goal!

I watched part of yesterday's match on TV on ESPN and I wish I could have been there live. Anfield is one of those places I want to go to before I die.

Peter N said...

And when I think or hear Liverpool, I think of that ancient group.....were they the Beetles??...ooops, the Beatles! Great post.....nice to be here as always. P

The Omnipotent Q said...

I have a great affection for Liverpool. It's very similar to Boston: very working class, lots of Irish, and it's a passionate sports town! And my grandfather lived there during WWI.

Not to mention the home of The Beatles...So I became a fan of the Mighty Reds...

Thanks always for dropping by, Peter...